Call of Duty WWII: Why it will be a success…

I was one of those keen Call of Duty fan boys that loved rushing home after school each day to get online and play multiplayer or zombies with my friends. The past three years have seen the end of this, as Call of Duty has lost it’s exciting, fast paced ‘realistic’ style and we’ve been driven away from playing the new style of games. Advanced and Infinite warfare are easily the worst two CoD games ever to be released, with terrible online multiplayer gameplay that really doesn’t reflect the true origins of a hard-core, gritty Call of Duty. The evolution of gameplay from modern and 20th Century warfare to futuristic jetpack wall running trash really hasn’t worked well for the developers, as the community has either been unwilling to buy the games, or not playing them after first purchase. This is terrible for business and fans.

This is why I believe this years game will be, at least slightly, more successful for Sledgehammer. The return to the true origins and setting of Call of Duty is of massive nostalgia to most fans, whilst the move away from the futuristic jetpack gameplay, to the traditional boots-on-the-ground style bodes well for helping the return of hard-core long term fans of the franchise. The trailer, although criticised for its clear likeness to Battlefield 1, immediately brings back memories for many fans and I think perfectly details the style, mode and setting of the campaign. As with almost all of the CoD games, the campaign looks to be high in quality and true to the reality and harshness of actual World War 2 warfare, although by no means a completely accurate historical game.

Gameplay that has been released also suggests to me that the game will be a success, as the way it looks and almost feels to play, upon viewing, resembles the likes of World at War and the original Modern Warfare. By bringing back the same guns seen in other games, but also be reimagining and introducing new weapons the game appeals to both old and new fans, whilst not totally ripping off players by just selling the same game as ten years ago. Similarly new maps and new game modes such as ‘Build the Bridge’ offer a new and innovative way to play the game. Whether the reception of these game modes will be as good as they seem to be, or whether they will end up not being played like capture the flag, remains to be seen, but at least there is a new and interesting take on how to both strategically and excitingly play the game.

Finally, the main reason I suspect the game will be successful this November, is the overall reception of what the CoD community has been asking for, instead of continuing to make futuristic games that are poorly received and unwanted by the franchises main fan base, Sledgehammer has brought back the traditional style and type of game that made the Call of Duty a success in the first place and really listened to what us fans have been asking for. I hope that this game can bring back the true feeling of playing the worlds best FPS and once again have me rushing home to get online and play with my friends, as I’m sure many of you will undoubtedly agree.


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