First thoughts on Far Cry 5…

Far Cry is one of those game franchises you just have to love in my opinion. The feeling of being able to freely roam around some of the most incredible and beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen in a game in wonderful, not to mention the thrill of stealthily stalking both human and animal prey. Ever since I was introduced to Far Cry 2 by a friend I have felt obliged to own and enjoy each new game. For me, Far Cry 3 tops both 2 and 4 because it has the most realistic feel to it (I cant comment on the first game without having experienced it), with the tyrannical hold of a remote island by a group of insane mercenaries actually striking me as being quite likely to happen in real life, and who could forget Vaas and his story description of insanity (if you don’t know definitely check it out!). These games are a must play!

However, what always intrigued and made me want to play Far Cry was the unquestionable feel of authenticity and realism, but having watched the trailer and some gameplay shown at E3, this doesn’t seem to be the case with 5. The setting for one is questionable and frustrating, although the idea of a western style game is certainly enticing, being set in the modern era in the heart of the U.S.A seems rather unrealistic and unfeasible. The idea that a murderous cult could enslave and terrorise an entire town without anybody knowing is on the verge of ridiculous. Granted there may be certain factors that prevent contact with other towns and villages calling for help, for example poor phone signal or a lack of contact with the outer world, that Ubisoft has yet to tell us about or I am yet to learn about. However this seems even more ridiculous and is not backed up by the fact that one of the allies (Nick Rye, pilot) has a plane and can literally fly somewhere to get help. As well as this I find it hard to believe that no family, friends or employers outside of the town ignore the absence of the townsmen. Maybe I’m reading into it too much and should just ignore this plot hole and enjoy the game when its released, I just find it slightly frustrating that this game appears to have lost the realism and authentic feel that made the previous instalments so exhilarating to play.

I do however believe that we can trust Ubisoft to have produced a game just as aesthetically pleasing and fun to play as Far Cry 2, 3 and 4.

(Far Cry Primal is not officially a part of the series and I have therefore not commented on it, plus I have not played it and therefore don’t have an opinion)


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