2017/18 Premier League prediction…

The upcoming Premier League season promises to be extremely exciting, with the possibility of about seven teams potentially challenging for the title. I’ve included Everton in the running for challengers because of their potential to win lots of points against the top, top teams and therefore have a big effect on the main potential candidates for the title. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool Man United, Man City and Spurs all have the squad capable of challenging or winning the league. As a Chelsea fan I hope we can be successful in defending last seasons title triumph. However I believe that this season will be a lot harder. The additions made to all of those clubs, bar spurs who haven’t signed anyone, make them even more potent and dangerous than last season.



Lacazette joining Arsenal, Salah joining Liverpool, Lukaku to United and Silva to City all suggest each team is serious about a title challenge, having spent huge bucks in the transfer muntitled.pngarket. Chelsea have signed a couple of significant players to add to squad depth, with Bakayoko, Caballero and Rudiger likely signings for both the future and squad depth. The lack of signing a striker worries me as a Chelsea fan, with it looking like our title winning hero Diego Costa set for a return to Atletico Madrid and losing out on Lukaku to Manchester United. We our left with Batshuayi as our main striker, although he by now means bad, he has yet to prove himself as a top game player and 20 goal a season striker, which we need, due to a lack of game-time. I would very much like to see Batshuayi given the chance he deserves this season but his lack of Champions League experience and proven quality worries me for the times the season gets tough and fixtures come thick and fast. The other option is to play Hazard up front, but with his form and quality out on the wing, this looks unlikely. The ideal solution would be the signing of Aguero from Man City, although he can be injury prone, he has vast experience and definite quality. Alexis of Arsenal would also be a viable option and potentially cheaper, with his ability to play up front and Champions league, big game experience he could be an undeniably brilliant addition to the Chelsea line-up.

This season I do however feel that the league is Chelsea’s to loose, the best squad, best manager and most experience make us a force to be reckoned with. I do however believe it will be incredibly close, and potentially a challenge form 6 or 7 teams could make this season one of the most exciting and strenuous ever!

Leave a comment of who you think will win the title this season.



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