Morata to Chelsea?

Having missed out on the clubs main striker transfer target, Romelu Lukaku, manager Antonio Conte appears to be about to sign his first choice striker target, Alvaro Morata of Real Madrid. A move has been long in consideration and gossiped about much this summer, with the inevitable departure of star striker Diego Costa imminent.


Morata started 14 games for Real Madrid last season, scoring 15 goals and creating 4 assists. However what do I think of his pedigree and ability to play and succeed for Chelsea? I believe he will be widely successful, a more controlled player than Costa, with the same goal scoring prowess. Morata can keep his cool and reframe from entering confrontation and battle with opposition players, something Costa is both loved and recognized for, making him more reliable and consistent on the pitch. He also has little history of proneness to injury when compared to Costa whom spent parts of his first and second Chelsea seasons on the side-lines.

Morata is a versatile striker, not complacent with a place on the Real Madrid bench and hungry for a real chance to prove himself on the big stages, ambitious and motivated to succeed he offers qualities and ability to succeed and improve in this formidable Chelsea team. With a varieties of finishing ability, on both feet and with his head he also offers a strong physical presence, similar to Costa, with his added ability to dribble with the ball, unlike Costa who appeared clunky when with the ball at his feel at times.

Morata possesses all the qualities needed to be a success in both the Champions and Premier leagues for Chelsea, with an apt ability to finish, hold up the ball and beat opponents with a turn of pace. This leads me to believe that he will be a great success if he does sign for the reported £60 million fee…


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