Interstellar: Nolan’s Sci-Fi masterpiece…

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece premiered in 2014 and is both visually and mentally stunning. Using practical effects, film instead of digital and no green screen at all, Nolan creates an intense, beautiful and terrifying vision of space and time, brought to life through masterful visuals and a perfectly suited score. Coupled with the artistic aesthetics and auteur feel of Nolan’s creation, is the realistic and almost entirely accurate science behind the film. Based on the work of Dr Kip Thorne Nolan and his brother built a screenplay with the vision of a sci-fi feel, but with true science and physics behind it, having studied astrophysics for months in preparation for the script.


The narrative follows the former NASA astronaut Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), whom now runs a farm, as he is recruited by physicist Dr Brand (Michael Caine) in the hope he can pilot a team, aboard the ship ‘Endurance’, to travel through a worm hole and find a new planet, capable of sustaining human life. On Earth, blight is causing crops to die, with global starvation the impending consequence.

Cooper, having fought with his daughter Murph about leaving, embarks on the interstellar trip. A crew of four, Cooper, Amelia (Anne Hathaway), Romilly and Doyle begin the trip across time and space. They travel through a worm hole and to a scouted world with the potential of sustaining life. This turns out to be unfortunate, as the world is situated close to a black hole, time is warped, meaning time spent on the planet runs faster than that on Earth. Discovering the planet in uninhabitable and losing Doyle in the process, Cooper and Amelia return to the Endurance to find that the time spent on that planet was catastrophically stretched compared to that on Earth. The three remaining astronauts must now find another suitable world before it is too late for the starving people on Earth.


Nolan perfectly crafts a narrative based on realistic science coupled with theories about love, human relations and survival, making this incredible motion picture breathtakingly beautiful and mentally refreshing. A brilliant film and a brilliant story.



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