Bond 25…

With Bond 25 being given a summer 2019 release date speculation continues as to who should play the ageless spy. Rumour has it that Daniel Craig has signed a new deal which will see him play Bond for another two films.

Craig’s time playing Bond has seen ups and downs, from the success of Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s first written novel, to the disappointment of Quantum of Solace. In recent years both Spectre and Skyfall were met with mixed reviews, some saying that the films were becoming uniform and predictable. I myself enjoyed both Skyfall and Spectre, thinking both Javier Bardem and  Christoph Waltz were perfectly cast in their villainous roles, whilst Craig seamlessly played Bond with ease.


This connection and consistency between Craig and Bond is what some believe prompted him to become unhappy in the role, sparking speculation about who could replace him. Throughout the franchises history it is common knowledge that every few films one Bond steps aside and another actor fills his shoes, and with the possibility of Craig stepping down from the role, I would like to see Michael Fassbender fill his place. Contrastingly to what seems to be popular belief, I feel Tom Hiddlestone doesn’t really fit the persona of the character, lacking the build and learned face of a seasoned spy. Although he makes up for this through his charisma and acting ability, I feel Fassbender looks and sounds more like Bond than any other actor suggested for the role. Idris Elba would also be a fine choice, definitely having the look and personality of an actor able to play the iconic British hero.


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