Cast Away (2000)

Tom Hanks stars in this Robert Zemeckis film depicting the incredible story of survival of character Chuck Noland. Chuck works for delivery company FedEx as an executive tasked with improving the efficiency of depots across the world. But, when he is called away from family at Christmas time, his flight to a Malaysian depot goes terribly wrong.

During a severe storm, forcing Chucks plane to divert its course some 200 miles, a breach to the planes fuselage causes it to spiral out of control and down towards the abyss of the Pacific Ocean. Upon impact Chuck luckily escapes the plane with his life raft, and over night drifts to an uninhabited island miles from the crash. In the following months, Chuck loses hope of ever being found and learns to adapt physically and mentally in order to survive. Building skills out of practice by fishing, building shelter and creating fire. However, over time, Chuck becomes more and more lonely, with only the company of a picture of his girlfriend in a broken pocket watch and the talkative volley ball Wilson. After four years trapped on the island alone, Chuck decides to take his chances on the ocean and build a raft to aid his escape, with a time frame of two months Chuck builds a raft and sets sail…


Throughout the film, Tom Hanks brilliantly captures the attention and affection of the audience. Almost completely alone for much of the film his performance keeps the audience on edge and willing him to survive. As with almost all of Hanks’ characters, Chuck is loveable and the audience from the very beginning feel a sense of determination and will for him to survive this ordeal. As well as this Hanks transformed massively the role, losing a significant amount of weight making the severity and extent of his characters crisis all the more real for viewers.

A brilliant film and a great performance from Hanks made Cast Away a classic upon its release and definitely still a film worth watching.


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