Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

20 years after the release of the first film (Independece Day), the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence takes place in the present day. After defeating the aliens in the war during the first film, the human race has built up defences and developed technologies based on alien technology. Now with advanced weaponry, improved technology and global unification the humans feel ready to defend Earth against any possible alien invasion.

The story focuses on the stories of a collection of the old characters coupled with newly introduced ones, including Will Smith’s characters son Dylan. Liam Hemsworth plays moon base pilot Jake Morrison who was once friends and colleagues with Dylan. After having a training argument and near-death experience Dylan falls out with Jake and their careers take different directions. However they are forced to work together with the help of David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and various other characters when the alien invaders from the first film return. This time round though things get a little bigger, as the alien ships cover huge swathes of the Earth and outnumber and outgun the yet still inferior humans. Total war ensues and it is up to these characters to yet again save the world.

Overall, a very generic and almost pointless sequel. Although Resurgence does bring back some of the loved characters from the first film it fails to excite, innovate or bring anything new or different to the franchise, whilst simultaneously using every opportunity possible to use CGI over practice effects. image.jpegSome elements of the film are certainly enjoyable or fun to watch for children or without paying much attention, but overall the film is very lacklustre, failing to build on the success of the first and to me used largely as a money making blockbuster, with little thought or effort being put into the script or storyline. Not exactly disappointing as I didn’t really expect much, but still very anti-climatic after how loveable and enjoyable the first film was for me.


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