The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

This uplifting and inspiring film, directed by Rob Burnett and starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez, tells the story of Ben, a man who has lost everything, and his relationship with wheelchair restricted Trevor. Trevor, a teenager with incredible humour and spirit suffers from muscular dystrophy and is therefore reliant on a carer for the most part of the day.

Ben, played by Paul Rudd, is a lonely man with a depressed life. We learn that this is because of a number of reasons, one being his failed marriage, with which he is throughout the film ongoing a divorce, another is his failed career as a writer and finally, the most traumatising reason is the death of his young son, which we later learn he blames himself for. In his depression and desperation for a job and sense of normality Ben takes a six week course to become a carer, getting an interview with the charismatic Trevor’s mum for the position of his care. After a humorous and stage setting scene of interaction between Trevor and Ben, Ben is hired for the job.

From here their relationship grows until a point when they are indistinguishable between best friends or father and son, no longer just carer and patient. We see them grow together and share many moments of laughter and sarcasm, until one day when Ben decides Trevor is wasting his limited life and proposes the two of them go on a road trip across the States, visiting various laughable attractions along the way. Although nervous and anxious, Trevor and his mother agree to the trip.

The two then embark on a uplifting and spirited trip, meeting new people and experiencing the world. Along the way the pair pick up hitch-hiker Dot and pregnant woman Peaches, only adding to the laughs and life-changing experimeces the group get up to. Visiting Trevor’s “asshole” father as well as the worlds deepest pit along the  way both Ben and Trevor change each other’s lives forever, helping Ben move on from his depression and Trevor enjoy more in life.

A wonderfully written and filmed movie, The Fundamentals of Caring is both simple and hugely enjoyable. Described as accurately portraying the life of someone with muscular dystrophy and carefully conveying what a true patient carer relationship should be like, this film is an excellent, funny and totally enjoyable watch. image.jpeg


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