Recently the BETA for Call of Duty WWII was released to those who have preordered this years game. With new maps, reimagined weapons and kill streaks and all new War Mode this years game promises to be everything the COD community has been asking and wishing for.

After watching lots of recorded gameplay and live streams on you tube I think it is safe to say that this time round Sledgehammer has listened to what’s been being asked of them. Bringing back the original setting and realism that made early CODs so enjoyable, as well as fan favourite weapons, has really helped entice lots of fans back into having faith in the franchise. Whether the game on release plays and is as good as the BETA gameplay suggests remains to be seen however.

By the looks of things and in general the game looks and sounds like an enjoyable and exciting COD once again, the only controversial point being the inclusion of female soldiers in a game set in an era when there were no women in the armed forces. And aside from a few historical and accuracy issues with naming and weapon specifics, this could finally be the game that I’ve been looking forward to.

And now having played the BETA myself I would argue that the game looks, feels and sounds very good, apart from screaming women. Weapon balance is good, although it is very fast paced and guns kill very quickly. Kill streaks are very interesting although quite difficult to acquire, and some extremely fun to use, such as the flamethrower. On top of this, the maps are layed out very well, and by using actual locations and points of WWII battles the developers have added to the realism and immersive feeling of playing the game. War Mode is also extremely fun and specifically caters to the more objective focused players, although, unless more diverse maps are added into the final game I can see this mode becoming somewhat boring and repetitive over time.

Overall, I am excited to see what the final piece has to offer after being excited and pleased with the quality and feel of the BETA…image


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