Call of Duty WWII: Campaign Review

The campaign game-mode in Call of Duty fails to deliver on previous consistency…

Over the years and with much scrutiny Call of Duty games have generally been judged and reviewed as reflections of the Multiplayer game-mode and the reception this gets from the community. However, the Campaign mode rarely receives as much attention and therefore often drifts unnoticed past reviewers.

This years campaign unsurprisingly returned to WWII, focussing on a set few characters, as opposed to previous years when gameplay has often switched between two different playable characters in different story lines. This new way of building a story has allowed the developers to go into much more detail and backstory with regards to the main characters. Making the characters your playing as more identifiable and much more realistic. However this does have its drawbacks, making the game appear as more of  film and less like a video game. Although the developers have clearly attempted to build the realism of the game and create an almost authentic playing experience of WWII, this character development and movie like feel has, in my opinion, negatively affected the game, making for far too many and too lengthy cut scenes in which a cinematic presence is obvious, slowing the game down and reducing the actual playing time on an already short campaign. which brings me onto my next point…

Call of Duty WWII

Typically in COD there are a few levels throughout the campaign where the player is able to use or experience an aerial view of battle, usually in the form of controlling a plane or in this games case operating a tank. However this year these opportunities, which are hugely enjoyable and make the game exciting to play, are few and far between. On only one instance does a player get to control a tank and only once a plane. And although these are fun moments in an otherwise dull and unimaginative there are too few to make the campaign worth playing.

There are some good factors about the campaign this year however. In my opinion the developers have tried to stick to some form of realism, with missions such as the D-day landings and allied push through French villages, giving the game an edge over some far fetched and inaccurate representations of wars seen in previous campaigns.

Overall, for me this years campaign was a complete let down. Only 11 levels, too many cut scenes and too much of a focus on characterisation, making for the Hollywood feel, leave this game woefully underwhelming in comparison to the scale, look and playing feel of almost all of the previous Call of Duty campaigns…


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